Efficient Cities, The Key To Solving Our Environmental, Resource, And Economic Challenges

By the year 2050, 68% of the world's population will likely live in cities.

The accelerating strain on the world’s resources will have a negative impact on living standards worldwide. Cities and living spaces will need to become much more energy and space efficient in order to preserve the world’s environment, the supply of vital resources, and the economy.

Our mission is to meet the environmental and economic challenges of our time by improving the resource and space efficiency of our cities’ transportation and retail infrastructure with the development of an automated and resource-efficient distribution system, enabled by fuel-efficient delivery vehicles, in conjunction with resource and space-efficient automated facilities.

These actions will help supplement renewable resources like wind and solar, by keeping energy demand much lower than it would otherwise be.

We develop robotic-construction technology that will make the construction of homes and buildings more affordable.

These technologies will enable cities to run more efficiently, reducing emissions and generating economic growth, while simultaneously preserving important resources.

Together, we can meet the environmental, resource, and economic challenges of our time.